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Amy Perry“As I lay me down, Heaven hear me now/I’m lost without a cause, after giving it my all . . .” (from “I Look to You”)

Around the time Allan was considering the consequences of his health, Amy Perry and her husband began to consider a family. But there was one obstacle: Amy’s weight. “I looked at the health issues I was having and difficulty of traveling, and realized if I got pregnant I would end up over 300 pounds.”

So for the first time in a lifelong battle with her body, Amy asked God for help. “I know He doesn’t care what number I weigh. But He greatly cares that I submit every area of life to Him,” the powerhouse singer states. “And I hadn’t done that with food.” A divine reconnection with an old friend, who is a nutritionist and personal trainer with a spiritual foundation, gave Amy the motivation and accountability she needed to make a drastic change.


With the newfound freedom of losing eighty-five pounds, Amy finally felt released to start a family. She and her husband Jake now have a son Josiah. Perry now has a platform to aid those fighting similar battles. “I have experienced a liberty in ministry that I’ve never seen before,” she says. “I’ve been through some stuff that hurt me and left me feeling worthless. If sharing that helps someone realize they are beautiful and of value, then I’ll share it forever.”

With Hope of the Broken World, Selah recognizes their opportunity to relate with and help listeners heal through songs that poignantly contrast worldly hurt with spiritual hope. “We don’t know what people need when they put in a Selah CD, or when they come to a concert,” Amy humbly discloses. “We just want God to use us.” Allan agrees. “We have always wanted to comfort hurting souls. I wear it as a badge of honor that our fans are broken people who say our music speaks to them because we don’t shy away from loss or suffering.”

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  • I am the mother of a beautiful young woman who has struggled with weight issues all of her life also. I have closed my mouth with any “helpful and loving” advice and have been praying for her. She has lost about 70 pounds. She still has such a long way to go and really needs an example of a mighty warrior of God that has taken the food god off the throne and put the one true God in His rightful place in her heart. I listened to your testimony and song, “I Look to You”. It was just amazing! You could be that mighty warrior with more than a powerful singing voice. You could help the hurting and be the voice with the only real answer for anyone with an addiction issue… Jesus. I just wanted you to know that I am now praying for you with all my heart. I pray that our mighty God lifts this burden from you and uses you in a way that is beyond what you could ever have hoped for or imagined. I pray His continued blessings in your life, family and ministry. In Jesus’ Holy Name I ask this! Amen!

  • How can I share your testimony with my cousin who has a significant health issue stemming from her morbid obesity.

    I do not want to insult her as she is a precious and dear wife and mother

  • You are wonderful Amy Pery. What a great women you are! Lord bless your forward so that you can serve Him, unconditional!

  • Dear Amy,
    Never heard ANYONE sing “You raise me up” like you did. Your voice touches the heart, moves the soul and sparks the Spirit. Truly inspired. Listening to you, ‘sometimes I think I glimpse eternity’.
    God love you lady, your husband Jake, your son Josiah and that piano guy is dynamite too.

  • So it happened that late one night I found the video of Selah’s recording of “Wonderful, Merciful Saviour” – one of my favourite songs of all time. It’s been three months now and I still can’t stop crying when watching it. I do believe that souls reach out over great distances to touch each other and bring comfort, peace and joy. My dear Amy, you should never have any doubt in yourself or your ability to touch people’s lives anywhere in this world we live in. I am living proof of that.

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  • Love your contributions to the new Selah CD–wonderful high harmony and lead singing!
    I listen almost every day, in the dark, and the CD never fails to move me greatly!

  • Thank you for your testimony! it is such a blessing to hear you share the battle you faced with your weight. we all have a story to share with others. it helps to hear what others have gone through so we too as christians can be a blessing to someone else! as a young child i was given a nick name by my daddy. it has so many times reminded me of my childhood days. but that is now in the past and i must move forward to becoming a healthy daughter of the King! Jesus does see the struggles each of us face daily right? At times those days seem to drag on but i know Jesus is with me even when i fail myself. i am and you are and we all are never alone….. especially when we call out on His name for help! even when we think we’ve got it all under control… God reminds us we don’t!

  • On October 5th of 2016 I was going through the process of a closest friend move in 6th time in total for the 3rd year straight. It was so overwhelming, that meanwhile I trusted God, it open door to look to him more through your song “I look to you” I literally for the first time couldn’t listen without any tears. The more I rewatch it the more I look to God for his strength. I seriously don’t have enough of appreciation for sharing your experience and the song. I am hoping and praying for one day to meet you. Your experience of life has put that touch into my life to never lose connection with God. And your music is incredibly so powerfully that heals everything inside of me. I am Olga Gladysh, I live in Massachusetts. I am in Christian and God fearing family. I am the oldest out of four siblings. By getting more involved into your Selah ministry, through my experience I found that piece in me that have been missing. Thank you for all that you do. May God bless you and reward you.

  • There is purpose in everything God allows He says to us “my grace is sufficient for you and I will never leave you or forsake you” Learning to trust and rest on Him fills our hearts with His peace that surpaces all understanding. Keep the faith till the end nomatter what comes your way.
    Our daughter Elizabeth will like to play: As the Deer pants with you on the violin if you ever come to Forrida and God allows it.

  • I listened to your song and what a blessing. I have been listening to Selah for the past few days. I youtube the playlist and let the songs minister to my spirit. I was blessed by your testimony, I know that in this christian journey there are many struggles that we can encounter, but we can take them all to God. May God continue to use you and may He bless you and your family.

  • You have an amazing voice and testimony. I hope you find many opportunities to share. Your worship and songs bless me so much.

  • Hi Amy!
    I love listening to you sing “I Look to You” and “Unredeemed”. You have an amazing voice and both songs have really touched my heart. I too have struggled with my weight along with health conditions that make it a challenge to exercise but I have turned it over to the LORD and know that if you were able to do it so can I. I will be attending the Great Tabernacle concert in Batavia NY tonight. I am so looking forward to hearing you, Todd and Allan perform. GOD BLESS YOU for sharing your story and for being such an inspiration to women!

  • You have given me hope thank you for listening to the Lord!

  • Isn’t it amazing how things take a turn around when we look to God? When we lay it all at His feet? Amy, I don’t even know what to say. Your story is one encouraging testimony. Bless your heart ma’am.

  • I want to thank you for sharing your testimony. Recently I found a video on YouTube, of a song called, “I Look to You”. At the beginning of the video you shared your testimony of how God healed you to see yourself as He sees you, and not what others think.
    I am one of those people who let the opinions of what other people think of me, and even how I see myself through my eyes, and what others have said about me. It is still a struggle. But, your testimony gave me words of encouragement, that with God, I can be healed and be whole. And it helps me know that I am not the only one who has faced this. Thank you, Amy, for being an inspiration. Be blessed!

  • Wow! I had never heard of you until just a few days ago, when I heard the song, “I Will Carry You.” Then, I listened to a few more of your songs. Beautiful voice, beautiful person! Thank you for following God’s calling on your life and letting Him bless people with your voice and story.

  • Wow! I just heard you sing “Oh Hallelujah” on Immanuel Broadcasting/ down here in Alabama. How very beautiful! I googled you….thinking “Hey, ya think she’s kin to Katy?!?” But, nope – just one of the awesome Selah! Katy Perry used to sing Christian music but went by the way side. She crossed over but didn’t take the Cross over. Anyway, I’m YouTubing you next! Keep up the great work sister!

  • dear amy,
    i read your bio and comments with great interest. congratulations on your family and son.
    it may interest you to know that i had a weight problem that came unexpectedly and swiftly. i had a blood test and found that i was hypothyroid. the doctor prescribed a pill that i take daily and bye-bye to the pounds. he told me that as we age we can burn out our thyroid with a virus/fever/infection.
    just an fyi for what it’s worth.
    God bless you, your family and selah.
    brian graening

  • I am so blessed by your music! Thank you! What a voice! The lyrics pierce my heart, and take me to place that not many musical artists can. I feel the presence of the Lord when I listen to your music.

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